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The class had a great time last week doing the puppet shows! We made videos of all the performances - they were a blast! Students were encouraged to make a journal of their water-conserving activities for the week and we shared and discussed the journals on Friday.
Next week we start our unit on Creek Indians and the role of Creeks (as well as other groups like the Cherokee and the Timucua) in Georgia's past. Our big activity for the coming weeks is to construct a to-scale housing structure similar to the homes used by Creek Indians in this area. To help prepare for this project, please help your child gather small twigs and sticks to use in the housing structures.

Upcoming Events:

  • September 20 - Picture Day
  • September 23 - Ice Cream Party
  • September 27 - Fund Raiser Money Due

Vocabulary Words - September 20 - 24:

  1. History - Everything people can know about the past.
  2. River - A large body of moving water that flows into another body of water.
  3. Ceremony - A formal act or series of acts done in honor of an event.

Reminder: Please be sure to send weekly folders back to class on Monday morning. Thanks!

Fun Dawg Fact: Georgia's first mascot, in 1892, was a goat. The first dog to be a mascot was a solid white Bull Terrier named Trilby in 1894. Trilby and her thirteen pupppies liked to hang around Georgia's football practices.

Fun Dawg Facts