You're invited to a Native American Pow Wow!

Next week our class will be having a Native American Pow Wow, where we will be showing off our knowledge of Creek Indians and other Native American tribes that once lived in Georgia. The students have worked very hard over the past month. Now they're ready to share the results of that hard work with you parents! The Pow Wow will take place in the gym next Wednesday (Nov. 25th) at 2:45 (just before Car Riders). Light refreshments will be served. Thanks to those parents who donated cookies and juices for the Pow Wow. Students will be bringing home invitations that we made in class as our final assignment on Native American history and culture. We hope to see you all on the 25th!


Requirements for the Pow Wow invitations:
Using glue, markers, construction paper, pipe cleaners, and tape the students put together invitations. The invitations needed to include: The date (Nov. 25), and the time (2:45), the place (ECOFF Gym).